Sunday, November 17, 2013

Organizing your School Supplies

       Have you ever found yourself sitting in class and realize          your forgot your homework or pencil? 

       I have many times but once I entered college I new "oh I forgot my homework at home" wouldn't cut it. So I find myself to be more organized then I ever had before. 

       The run down, I have four classes one on Monday/Wednesday, and three on Tuesday/Thursday (one class is a night class)

       Here we go steps to how I managed all my books, school supplies and homework with 4 different classes. (Not by any means am I stating you have to be organized, to succeed in college.  I'm stating that I'm that type of a person- everything has a place and it belongs in the place.

Step 1:
       Having one class on M/W I didn't need to carry everything from my T/TH classes so I separated every book with it's own individual bag. 

As you see here (left to right)                                                                                                                 On M/W English is my only class so I use my pink Victoria Secret Bag.
Then in the middle I have a cheetah back pack with my speech and math textbook. These textbooks are my morning T/TH classes and are 15 minutes apart during the day; therefore, they share the same bag.  
And last, I have my Target bag (I got on clearance for $9, amazing) which has my Physical Science text book this is my night class on T/Th so it of course has its own bag. 

I love this system because I don't have to worry about taking textbooks/notebooks out and putting different ones in. I'll have the right bag with the homework and textbook I need that day.
       *Each class also has its own spiral notebook I don't label them, because they also are in the assigned bag with the right textbook. Yet, for my speech and math bag I have different color notebook and I just remember the color for that class.*

Step 2: 
       Next, I arrange all my school supplies- Pens, pencils, highlighters, post it notes, erasers, lead, white out, and pencils bags. ( I traded out the pink one for a cheetah one because it match my backpack better.)
(arranging all my school supplies with the pencil bag I carry them in)

       Once I have arranged everything I decided what class needs what. 
Each class gets the usual- Pens, pencils, highlighters, post it notes, index cards, colored pens. 
Although in my math class, I don't need a pen because I hate working on math in pen it's easy to mess up and you can't fix it. Thats why I keep a eraser and extra pencil for my math class.

                                                               (Putting post it notes and index cards together.)

        For my Physical Science class I highlight a lot in books yet, these are used so I don't really want to write in them so I have 1in by 1in post it notes so I can write little reminders and stick them to a curtain page throughout out my textbook. I also have white out for when I mess up in my notes. 

*Along with all the usual school supplies I have index cards I'm a big flash card person and you never know when you'll need them.*

Step 3:
       Last organizing everything together. 
                                                                    English Class              

                                                                Speech and Math 

                                                                 Physical Science 

                                       ~EXTRA STUFF TO HELP ALONG THE WAY~

       I write in colored pens I feel my notes stand out better then normal blue/black ink and my notes don't seem so boring when I'm reading back through them. I also use the cornell method for taking notes. I believe this is the easy and most organized way to take notes. 

       The best studying idea I have! I am horrible at math, I always forget formulas. When I had finals I was searching trying to find what would be on the final through mountains of old assignments. That's why I got this small notebook for each assignment I have I write down problems/ formulas from the math lesson that day. I label each page with the date, what lesson in the book it came from, page number (from my text), and what question it was. This way when I later have a problem related to my past ones I can easily find it. 
       With the blue one I have for english to remember all the little rule of writing I already have it filled with lessons I learned in my past english classes. 
       Keeping everything organized- you can use a simple planner like this one from target. Or just a assignment organized which lets you write down the date assigned, homework topic and the due date. I know Wal-Mart has one for around $6 but I couldn't find it online to tag this post. 
       My favorite thing to organize my entire life, work, appointments, school events, and school assignments is my NOOK HD I bought a notebook app which I use to write down important things yet, I use the calendar app (already on the nook) to keep track of assignments and anything else I might forget. 

I hope everything I shared made some impact on your school organization! 

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