Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Craft your way to a Coupon Holder

Coupon Holder: Supplies Felt I used old felt from a school project I believe they're 4 for $1 at Hobby Lobby. 
 Then a ruler, hot glue gun, scissors, ribbon, thread, and a button

I had felt glue but it takes 4 hours to dry so I just used a hot glue gun 

Now to get started I took the big felt piece 

          Then I measured other felt piece half way (to where it folded up) and over layer them then hot glued to make a pocket, I believe I ended up with 7 holders all together. 

Time to get it to close, I took thread and a button (I only used one) sewed it from the back and attached the button. Then I took ribbon and glued it from the back and wrapped it around to loop around the button on the front. 

I even attached a small piece to hold a pen/pencil. 
And now you are done, it took me about an hour to finish it but I did it off a whim. So I hope you like it. 

If I made another one I would have went to a craft store and bought a board of some kind and glued the felt to the board to make it stand up better. 

My Two favorite Coupon Holder/ Organizers

My Favorite Ways to Hold Coupons:
Binder Style, Divider Style 
First you need a small binder, I got mine from Wal-Mart for around $5
Tabs at Wal-Mart $5
And a fine point Sharpie

I got these dividers from Wal-Mart around $3 

I also got small paper and hole punched it to write down anything I may need (price book, list of items I need to buy)  

Then I got clear protected covers at Office Depot for around $3. I wrote the category on the clear pockets and then used the tabs.
I put the coupons in the pockets and you have a coupon binder: Small version I believe. My favorite thing about this binder is it fits really well in the shopping cart.
My Second Coupon Holder:
And probably my favorite 
 My list of things I used
1. A bag of old scrap paper
2. Pencil
3. Scissors
4. And my binder I got from Wal-Mart $4 

          I take the tabs and trace around them on scrap paper to make them pretty. 

My tabs in ABC orderOrganize them how ever you'd like of course 

The finish product all my tabs and they even look pretty.