Friday, May 30, 2014

Affordable Make-Up for Summer

I can say this is probably the first summer I've changed my make-up with my skin most of the time I just use my light pale make-up on my tan skin (I know funny looking right). But getting ready to go on vacation I new I didn't want to spend a lot so I gave myself a limit and used that to get EVERYTHING (I will be adding some extra things, just as something you could also try but there not included in the price)
So I took $40 and said I'd buy my summer make-up all brand new and not break the bank.

These items I bought all at one time:

I new I already had my BB cream and my Covergirl outlast I had bought at a different time.   

This is a extra foundation I really enjoy, I use it all
the time. (picture is also not mine)
I love this foundation for the summer its brand
new and light coverage. I paid $7.98

When I think of summer make-up I want something that will last longer, and not be heavy on my skin.

So here are the things I bought in more detail:

Hard Candy Concealer at Wal-Mart: I bought medium.

I paid $6.00

This Concealer is thick I swear you need only a small amount, I use it under my eyes.

Elf HD Blush: I bought mine at Wal-Mart: (if you don't know about Elf its crazy inexpensive make-up) I bought the color headliner

I paid $3.00 (beware the bottle is really small)

I have only used this once but the color was very bright and looked great for summer

Wet n Wild Mascara in black (waterproof) bought at Wal-Mart:

I paid $2.97 (that price is crazy it had good reviews online so I figured if I feel in love with this it'd save me money.)

So once I tried this one it did not volume my eye lashes at all. It would be great for someone who's not big on mascara but wants to use it, and a girl just starting out on make-up.

N.Y.C Cover Stick bought at Wal-Mart: Medium its creamy and covers pretty well for the price.
-The link is the color green which is great for people with red skin, but at the store you can pick your actual skin tone.

 I paid $1.72

For those who have small pimples, and or red spots this works well. If you have pimples that are thick or white heads it does not cover very well.

Rimmel London Eyeliner in the color Nude bought at Walmart (but link is to Ulta because I couldn't find it online)

I paid $3.97

Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder Color Translucent bought at Wal-Mart

I paid $3.97
I love the powered and the eye liner has stayed on all day so far

Okay, this is my favorite item I bought and it was only $.93 I bought it at Wal-Mart I couldn't find a link online but they're a lot of different colors in the store.

I paid $.93

Being cheap I was very hesitant about buying this but I thought only $.93 can't go wrong. But let me tell you it was pretty amazing, and nothing works on my lips.

 Elf Studio Bronzer (I already had this): bought at Target

I paid $3.00 

This works great for winter and summer because of the different colors. I find it to be a little to light for my skin.
Elf studio contouring blush and bronzing powder: bought at Target 

I paid $3.00 

Out of Elf bronzers this is my favorite, the color is great and you even get a blush.

So all together (using the BB Cream and adding both bronzers from above) cost came to $36. 54 
I believe for the cover girl added it would be right at $40.
*remember prices vary from store, state, and or if coupon used.

These are some eyeshadows I thought were really nice and inexpensive, I didn't need any eye shadow so I just used what I had already. ( these are not included in the price)

Physicians Formula Nude Eye Shadow Pallet I bought at Ulta

I paid $11.99

NYX Love in Rio Eye Shadow Color Segredos De Giselle bought at Ulta 

I paid $4.99

Wet n Wild Color in Sweet as Candy bought at Wal-Mart

I paid $2.93
-these do need eye primers to make them stay longer

I have oily skin so all these products worked very well for my skin type. So please beware if your skin type is different some products could break you out or just not work for you.
Comment if questions.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Updated Planner Organization

I've been thinking a lot about how much more I could organize my planner and make it really work for me. And this is what I've come up with using washi tape, envelopes, labels, and dot stickers.  

- Envelope On sale for $1.99 (6 in package) at Michaels 
-Labels on sale for .99 cents (24 count) I bought 5 packs at Michaels 
-Dot Stickers Target $1.97
- Washi Tape $7.99 used a 30% coupon -$2.40 at Michaels 

Now to get to the Planner Organization 
I used everything pictured here and the pens in my college supply organizer (post is on my blog) 

1. First get a Index card
2. Then I used those blue labels and put Fall/ Summer Codes (the summer one kept smearing so I changed it)

3. I then used the yellow, purple, and green dots
- On them I wrote Test (yellow) Projects (purple) Due Important (green)
4. Taking the Washi Tape I color coded the classes with the tape.
- Pink: EDUC
- Blue: English
-Blue: Hist
-Orange: PLSC
-Purple: English
-Green: Math
-Pink: PSYC
                                                                              I And last taking my sharpie pens I colored under the Washi Tape label with that colored pen (besides purple) that way I can keep my planner color coded with the classes.

So these are the labels I've done, one for my summer class and the other for fall classes.
Then I used double sided tape, and taped them to the front of my planner.
Doing this I can always keep track of the color codes for when I write in my planner.
Here a close up of the labels 

Then I took the blue envelope and double sided tape and attached this to the front of my planner. I did this to hold my labels and poka dot stickers so I always have them with me.
Something I've decided to do this summer/fall is instead of writing my To Do List on the Friday day (I don't have classes on friday). I'm going to put a post it note with my to do list on it instead.
Once I start using my planner with this new organization codes I will post an update. I'm pretty excited about it and ready to see if I can keep up with it. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

College Supply Holder under $20

     Being in college I've done a lot of things to keep my pens, pencils, calculator, and post it notes organized.  My old system was using a clear skinny bag. Using this system everything is organized and in one place. I love it I can take the bag and go. I never leave anything behind. And getting ready to start summer classes I'll be using my desk a lot more and having all my supplies in one spot will come in hand. 

I bought mine at Ulta. There are 3 different kinds! 

Here is an over view of what the bag looks like inside  

The side pocket, and the striped bag

Then theres a clear bag and a side that holds brushes

And here is everything that came out of the other bag I was using (some I added)

1. Post it notes (I added)
2. Sharpie Pens
3. Highlighters
4. Sharpie Markers
5. Pencils
6. Flags
7. Mini Stapler
8. Index Cards (I added)
9. calculator
10. Eraser
11. White out                                                                                   12. Extra eraser, lead

The left side pocket holds my
- white out
- calculator
- mini stapler
The stripped bag holds
- eraser
- lead
- tabs

 Clear Bag
-Post it Notes and index cards

The Brush holders holds
- Sharpie Pens
- Highlighters
- Pencils
- Black sharpie

I love this because I can carry everything in it and I never lose anything. It can be big and bluky but if you move stuff around it will all even out (fits in backpack perfectly and a bigger purse)

Hope you enjoy! And make your own.

*Updated: I added a few things when I updated my planner organization
-Poka Dots Stickers  (these aren't the exact things but there right next to it in the store I believe there around $1.97)
- Tabs (at Wal-Mart) 
- Labels (I found at Michael's on sale for .99 cents) 
I put the circle and labels in the clear pocket, and the note post it. The small post it and tabs I put in the striped bag.