Thursday, January 30, 2014

My College Experience/ Survival Tips

I am a sophomore in college on my fourth semester, so I've had my share of college experience.
I can say one thing I'm going to a community college; therefore I'm use to the SMALL college environment.

Why I go to a community college?
      I got a scholarship called A+  the summary is you get TWO free years at a community college with in your state.
Some basic things about it are:

•   It only last four years AFTER you finish high school
•   You have to keep a 2.5 GPA at all times 
•   Fail a class you get put on a academic probation
•   You only pay for books 
I don't know if it’s available to each state. 

But, anyways on to my college experience-
Lets just start off by saying I was scared to death to go to college, like crying and shaking scared. The sad part is the college I go to is about the size of a Walgreens (not even joking- there actually rebuilding a new one right now). So being scared was funny at least to my boyfriend. 
Being scared is okay though, it something new and COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THEN HIGH SCHOOL.

 The first day I was going to school to become a Physical Therapist, I was taking basic classes to start off with, then my anatomy and physiology class. After two weeks I wasn't happy with my major anymore and did a completely 360 (well to me it was) and changed my major to Elementary/ Early Childhood Education. So after that decision I was set and went on about my first semester. The first day I made friends I has 3 classes with them so we just stayed together. 

The things I learned,
1.Don't buy any schools supplies till YOU GET TO CLASS, and then ask what they think you'll need.  (I buy everything before hand and had way to much left over)
2. Buy a big planner see here for what I mean. A planner will be your life savor in college literally. The big planner it's a lot easier to write all my classes stuff on instead of cramming it on a little one. 
3.Get an email if you don't have one, sometime the college gives you one but I don't always use that one. 
4.Buy your books before the first day of class- it's crazy the first day so avoid it 
5.Were you sit the first day usually is where you are ALL semester long/ the people around you become your lab partners PICK WISELY! I always pick up close to the front and toward the end of the table you can see all the notes better (yes I no teachers pet but I get side tract really easy if I'm not up front). 
6.Make a least one friend in each class- you need to make one friend to be able to email, Facebook, text and get information if you miss a day. I say this because I am a keep to myself and don't talk much unless it's to the instructor. (Some of my instructors will email what went on in class that day if you email them saying you can't make it. 
7.Don't expect to miss EVERY single day of class then show up for finals YOU WILL NOT PASS! Most people who do this I never see again. Remember it’s a small college you'll see everyone once or twice. 
8.Have a study plan; break days up to study for curtain classes. What I do is complete things as they are due 
   Example: If I have math due on Tuesday then I’m not going to work on the history I have due Thursday. Finish things, as they are due first.
     9. Learn to get sleep. The whole stay up all night and study crap doesn't work! I actually heard of a study, people who study then went to bed at a decent time did better on test. Then those who study and stayed up all night did worse. 
    10. Find a place to study- this place will be where you are always going to go to study. My example I studied in my bed for a whole semester then I found my self not being able to sleep at night because my bed was for studying not sleeping. So I bought a desk and started studying there it made a big difference. I really did. 
    11. And the last but best advice I can give (as of right now) is each instructor should (might) give a syllabus  Spring 2014 Course Schedule this will be your best friend through college.
•   I have a teacher who gives a week-by-week guide to what to expect.
•   I also have teachers who give you stuff each day so it’s important to show up to these classes. 
College is something everyone should get to experience I know its not always possible but don't think you can't ever go back because you can. And never give up! Get through those test, essays, and math assignments. I promise when you start check marking off the classes and get closer to your degree it makes all those rough day worth it.

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