Tuesday, February 4, 2014

How to Stay Organized in College Using a Planner, Calendar, and a To Do List


I'm an organized person at heart but when I started college I new I'd have to step it up. And that's what I'm going to share with you guys. 

This is the inside, I  LOVE planners that are big because I write everything and the small planners just weren't cutting it anymore. 

Okay to get on to how I organize it.....
1. Organizing Classes 
I write my classes out on each day, then leave a couple lines in between to write what were doing that day or homework assignments 






As shown below, I use to have a color for each class in my old planner but I found that to be a pain so now I use whatever pen/pencil I have in my hand during class.

This is what a full week looks like in my planner A LOT of writing (to me anyways). 

(picture didn't clear up like I wanted, sorry) 

2. How I keep it organized with in my planner. 
   I Circle the important stuff such as test, assignments, or meetings
   I also write on the day, that homework was assigned then next to it when its due. 
   And my most favorite, I high light EVERY assignment once it's done. I just started the high lighting        this semester and I love it so much. 

3. The TO DO List   
Another thing I do with assignments is on the Friday day I make a weekend To Do List. I write on the day the assignments due/assigned along with on the To Do list. Then once I finish something I high light it off both places. This just lets me see it in multiple places and I'm a big check stuff off as I go kind of person. 

4. Other Systems   
My calendar and To Do list in my room is another way I keep everything organized. 
The Calendar I bought from Hobby Lobby- if you use a 40% off coupon its $10 :) 
The white board I bought from Wal- Mart, around $5 then decorated it (I have a tutorial how I did it once I post it to my blog I'll link it) 

This system works because I get tired of looking at my planner when I'm at home. That's why once I get home from school I write everything I got assigned that day on my TO DO list. Then I get started on finishing it all. I usually write the day it ALL due really big and that becomes my goal. 

Now I know every person is different in how they stay organized, but this system works very well for me. I've been using this system since I started College, a year and half ago. And have only missed turning in ONE essay. Other then that all my homework is turned in on time. 
So give it a try, comment, or leave me some advice how I could improve it. I hope you enjoyed, thanks so much. 

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