Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Updated Planner Organization

I've been thinking a lot about how much more I could organize my planner and make it really work for me. And this is what I've come up with using washi tape, envelopes, labels, and dot stickers.  

- Envelope On sale for $1.99 (6 in package) at Michaels 
-Labels on sale for .99 cents (24 count) I bought 5 packs at Michaels 
-Dot Stickers Target $1.97
- Washi Tape $7.99 used a 30% coupon -$2.40 at Michaels 

Now to get to the Planner Organization 
I used everything pictured here and the pens in my college supply organizer (post is on my blog) 

1. First get a Index card
2. Then I used those blue labels and put Fall/ Summer Codes (the summer one kept smearing so I changed it)

3. I then used the yellow, purple, and green dots
- On them I wrote Test (yellow) Projects (purple) Due Important (green)
4. Taking the Washi Tape I color coded the classes with the tape.
- Pink: EDUC
- Blue: English
-Blue: Hist
-Orange: PLSC
-Purple: English
-Green: Math
-Pink: PSYC
                                                                              I And last taking my sharpie pens I colored under the Washi Tape label with that colored pen (besides purple) that way I can keep my planner color coded with the classes.

So these are the labels I've done, one for my summer class and the other for fall classes.
Then I used double sided tape, and taped them to the front of my planner.
Doing this I can always keep track of the color codes for when I write in my planner.
Here a close up of the labels 

Then I took the blue envelope and double sided tape and attached this to the front of my planner. I did this to hold my labels and poka dot stickers so I always have them with me.
Something I've decided to do this summer/fall is instead of writing my To Do List on the Friday day (I don't have classes on friday). I'm going to put a post it note with my to do list on it instead.
Once I start using my planner with this new organization codes I will post an update. I'm pretty excited about it and ready to see if I can keep up with it. 

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