Wednesday, May 14, 2014

College Supply Holder under $20

     Being in college I've done a lot of things to keep my pens, pencils, calculator, and post it notes organized.  My old system was using a clear skinny bag. Using this system everything is organized and in one place. I love it I can take the bag and go. I never leave anything behind. And getting ready to start summer classes I'll be using my desk a lot more and having all my supplies in one spot will come in hand. 

I bought mine at Ulta. There are 3 different kinds! 

Here is an over view of what the bag looks like inside  

The side pocket, and the striped bag

Then theres a clear bag and a side that holds brushes

And here is everything that came out of the other bag I was using (some I added)

1. Post it notes (I added)
2. Sharpie Pens
3. Highlighters
4. Sharpie Markers
5. Pencils
6. Flags
7. Mini Stapler
8. Index Cards (I added)
9. calculator
10. Eraser
11. White out                                                                                   12. Extra eraser, lead

The left side pocket holds my
- white out
- calculator
- mini stapler
The stripped bag holds
- eraser
- lead
- tabs

 Clear Bag
-Post it Notes and index cards

The Brush holders holds
- Sharpie Pens
- Highlighters
- Pencils
- Black sharpie

I love this because I can carry everything in it and I never lose anything. It can be big and bluky but if you move stuff around it will all even out (fits in backpack perfectly and a bigger purse)

Hope you enjoy! And make your own.

*Updated: I added a few things when I updated my planner organization
-Poka Dots Stickers  (these aren't the exact things but there right next to it in the store I believe there around $1.97)
- Tabs (at Wal-Mart) 
- Labels (I found at Michael's on sale for .99 cents) 
I put the circle and labels in the clear pocket, and the note post it. The small post it and tabs I put in the striped bag.  

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