Sunday, July 27, 2014

DIY Gift for the guy in your life!

 The easiest cutest gift I've ever made for my
boyfriend. It cost me around $15 at most.
Its "Remember When" jar, I put all the great things about our relationship up to that time inside the jar.

-Glass jar at Michael's $7
-Baseball scrap paper $.59
-Extra colorful paper I had already
-Letters stickers $2.99
-Markers (already had)
-Baseball pull $5.99
-Sand Paper

First, take colorful paper cut it into squares and write all the great things you remember about your relationship.
1. First Kiss
2. Hugs

Second, take the baseball paper and measured it around the glass jar. I really had no measuring method. I basically just folded the paper to the width I wanted and went from there till I got it to the perfect size.

Third, I took the stickers letters and wrote "Remember When"

I also used some


Now for the fun part putting the baseball pull on the top of the jar.
-I used sand paper to rough the surface up to make it stay better
-then using a hot glue gun (other glues would probably work better but I had got glue on me) I glued the pull to the top of the jar and let it dry completely before I tested it out.
(also don't forget to cut the metal off the pull, duh)

And this is the finish product. It was simple and meant so much to him.

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