Thursday, June 26, 2014

Pen Holder for my new Plum Paper Student Planner

To solve my problem of not having to dig for a pen each time I want to use my planner I decide to make a pen holder.

And here's how…

First you'll need:
the pen you want to use
a ribbon (it should be about a inch thick or to the length of the binder clip)
and a binder clip
hot glue gun (I guess I didn't take a picture, but you guys no what one looks like)

So first your going to measure the ribbon around the pen and clip like this

make a mark on the ribbon then cut that also if you use a lighter it helps prevent the ribbon from unraveling. 

Now your going to hot glue the ribbon down to one side then to another. 

like so….

And your done. It helps to put the pen in the ribbon as you glue it also. 

I clipped it on to the back covers. The pen stays put and it comes out easily. I was very excited it worked. 

Here is the pen I used it has multiple colors to it you can get a light color one and a dark color one at Office Depot. 
choose the also available in and you can get different colors 

Hope you enjoy. 

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