Monday, August 3, 2015

Preparing For a New Semester Of School

Being on vacation from work, and having a break off school. I still have a lot to do before I'm ready for the new Fall 2015 semester at college.

So here are the TOP things I always do to prepare for a new semester....

1. Clean out the computer
- I delete things I don't need anymore
- put documents in the right folders
- get everything organized to begin a new school year

2. Still living at my parents house, I always deep clean my room. I sweep, mop, and dust. I go through my closet, desk, dresser, vanity, and old drawers. I love cleaning so this really does help me get everything in place. I also clean my bathroom and car out to just get rid of clutter.

3. My favorite thing is to go and look through all my old school supplies. To figure out what I need for the new semester. Lucky this year I only had to buy new highlighters ( I really wanted the see through ones), one pencil (for my planner), one notebook (50 cents I plan on using it for studying), white out tape (the liquid wasn't doing the job). While everything else I already had including a file system, pens, folders, binders and loose leaf paper (I have a 2 inch binder FILLED with paper).

However, this year my mom bought me a Livescribe 3 Smartpen Pro Edition so I plan on using this to take notes. I'll do a review on this once I have started using it.

4. I clean all my bedding and jackets. I clean my bedding every two weeks, so the Sunday before I start school I'll clean my bedding again. I wash all my jackets because they've been hanging round my house through the summer. During Christmas break I wash them again before the Spring semester starts.

5. I pamper myself, I get a facial, my nails done, a haircut, go shopping for new clothes. I do this because what women doesn't love pampering themselves.

6. I get my planner cute, clean, and ready for the Fall. I make sure I've wrote in all the dates from the school calendar. Then for the Plum Paper Planner I have I write in my classes. I also make a note card of my class schedule with the room number.

What do you do to get ready for a new semester of school?

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