Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Help Stop Animal Testing

I have to talk about something today that I didn't even know I was doing. 

This little guy is my puppy Buckley Joe he's a Basset Hound Jack Russell Mix and I wouldn't ever want to hurt him he is my pride and joy.
These two are Brussier and Oakley our dogs we found on the side of the road and took in. They are the sweetest dogs you could ever meet. Were not sure what kind they are. 

So the other day I was on Facebook and I saw something animal related and all of a sudden I thought to myself 

     "Is my make-up and hair care I use tested on animals?"

I'm not doing to lie I did freak out when I realized almost ALL of my stuff make-up and hair was testing on animals. I couldn't believe it. I only had a small amount of items what weren't tested on animals. 
I was so ashamed of myself, but I didn't ever really think about it. 

I've looked at items in a store an saw Animal Free and thought wow that's amazing but I never really wondered if the stuff I'm using was animal free, till yesterday. 

But, even more happened when I woke up this morning I thought why not go organic also. Organic make-up and hair (not so much hair as long as its not tested on animals) so I'm making the switch TODAY.

And you can to here's how:

1. Go check out these list one for THEY DO TEST, AND ONE FOR THEY DON'T TEST. 
            there is a place you can search the brands or download the PDF file and search 

2. Search for every brand you have hair, tooth paste, make-up. EVERYTHING! 
     some items won't be on the list so as of now I'm still going to us it. 

3, Then if they test throw it away! Yes I said throw it away. 

 Look for these on everything you buy. 
And lets help stop animal testing. 

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