Thursday, June 26, 2014

Plum Paper Student Planner Overview

 Plum Paper 
Mine is the:
Student Planner 

They also do different planners such as:
Teacher Planner
Regular Planner 
Family Planner
Meal Planner
Wedding Planner 
Fitness Planner

The Teacher planner is something I look forward to using once I become one. 

Different planners have different layout you can pick, so pick the one that matches your life. I bought the student planner for this reason 

You can have them custom put your classes in the box for an extra $5 or you can get them blank. I'm in college and my semesters change so I left them blank.

But I love this because each class has it's own box for each day and you get 7 boxes. I love it.
Its organized and I put the classes in order of when I go to them.

Here's how I use it:
Right now I only have summer classes so I'm only using two boxes.
The other boxes I just use to write meetings, work, appointments etc.
You could even put meals, workout in each box.

Another one of my favorite things about the student planner

Each week has a To-Do list, Quizzes, and Test on the other side its a small note section.

The To-Do list is really important I am a check mark kind of person. So I can always see what it is I need to do in one spot.

 And being able to write the test for that week off on another side and check them off when there done is amazing also.

Now to the actual planner itself. 
This is the Front Cover Part you can write your name. 

Then you get a over view of the whole year (2014 and 2015)

Then you get a note section before each month. I already used mine as you can see, its just a little up date on what the month holds. 

For each month you get a different color and the letter that matches the month. 

This is the month over view, you get birthdays, and events 
I used washi tape and those yard sale stickers for the test, quizzes, and projects. 

Then you get a few lined paper, and blank papers at the very end. 

Then you get a special dates in the back to write whatever you'd like for the next planner or for good events that happened. 

Now for the review part:

1. The price $31.00 seems expensive but it's not bad (shipping is $10.00) 
2. Its very durable
3. The color of the cover doesn't seem as bright as it did online.
4. The back pocket could be thicker, but I believe it will work very well. 
5. The pages have very good colors, the dates are correct (my boyfriend was afraid they'd messed it up) and also they have a disclaimer that if its messed up you don't get to return or anything. 
6. My favorite thing you can order the planner at whatever starting date you want if you want it to start at November then you can (however I'd order it a month before you plan on needing it. 
7. The shipping was very fast I was told 3-4 weeks. I ordered it on May 29th and it was at my house June 20th. 
8. You can add more pages of the lined or notes (I believe you can order extra pages I just don't know which ones) 
- for the teacher planner you could add more assignment sheets (up to 40 I believe) 
9. Over all I love it. I was very excited to buy this I will be ordering again. 

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  1. Can you give me the dimensions of each box? The size of the subject boxes, the size of the bars above the days of the week, and the size of everything in the monthly view/ glance the once with the important dates, birthdays etc..